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I would like to welcome you on my personal web pages. They are dedicated to my travel experiences during my trips in Slovak or Czech Republic and also all around the world. The main part is the wide photogallery where I want you to be able to sniff a little bit at the same beauties of the world I did. At least I am trying to.
The passion called photography appeared in my heart not that much time ago. It came in one hand with travelling cca 2 years ago and it is still there. I can find the new and new inspiration every day and I would like to catch as many amazing things, that the nature or the humans created, as possible.
The second main part of my web is connected with photography as I mentioned earlier and is connected with my journeys. As I prefer to travel on my own you can find there all the necessary information we used and that I hope might be useful for example to plan your own trips as well. On the other hand you might be just interested in reading our little stories. I can guarantee you that it wasn't always the ride through the paradise and we had to figure out several specific (and later funny) situations. :-) [Unfortunately these travel logs are only in Slovak or Czech language, for translating use google or contact me]
In the end I would like you to have a short look at several quotations that I have found out and have fascinated me since I am interested in photography:
"You are lucky if you take one, maybe two good pictures in a year."
- Thomas Hoepker -
"A true photograph need not to be explained, nor can it be contained in words."
- Alfred Stieglitz -
"When photographing, turn around, your best picture might be behind you."
- David Huffines -mailto:dav.varga@gmail.comshapeimage_1_link_0

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